Here are some examples of the different processes used to create my work. Please stay tuned as I update this post throughout the upcoming weeks.



Here’s a screen capture of a vector icon set that I am currently in the middle of building using Photoshop. Copyright © 2014. All Rights Reserved.


pdfThis Document is based off of a PowerPoint Presentation I created to show to the Product Owner, Upper Management and other key players in the organization the thought process in decision-making that went into creating the new brand. Changes have been made to protect the interests of the companies involved. Sorry! No visuals! NDA has been signed!! 🙂





BEFORE AND AFTER Iposter design and photoshop touchupHere is a before and after process shot showing some Photoshopping techniques. The left side shows the poster that I created for a client. After the client saw it, they decided to go with a more ethnic child, but liked the overall feel of the design. The image on the right shows the process of keeping the integrity of the design intact while using Photoshop to seamlessly integrate the client’s needs into the final product.



BEFORE AND AFTER IIbook redesign
Here is a before and after process shot showing a redesign of a book cover for a client. After the first print, the client wanted an updated revitalized cover of their work.




Here is a before and after process shot showing a redesign of a school logo. Working under specific instructions as to colors and imagery I was to incorporate into their branding, I was still able to update and refresh their look.



critiqueHere is an example of a critique I did for a fellow artist asking for feedback on a rebranding logo project he was working on (original logo on top, rebrand on bottom). This shows my thought process on what how and why I might do things differently than another designer.


Hi Chris, I really like what you’ve done here. I’m not sure what they asked of you, but I’m guessing they wanted to show something more dynamic and with more energy, which definitely comes across in your update.

Some suggestions, if I may: I’d make sure the logo is clear to the viewer at a small scale size. Logos are used for all sorts of things, the smallest I can think of off the top of my head would be an .ico for a website which would be a 16×16 or 32×32 size. Not sure that the more dynamic man would be readable at that level. I might suggest to the client having an alternate or second image for smaller uses which is common in many cases.

I also might put some more definition between the left leg and the right leg so they don’t get lost in each other.. and maybe add some black planes in to throw more contrast in to break up the figure from the red KPS, but like I said, I wasn’t in the rebrand meeting so I don’t know what is more important to the client. Maybe it’s more important to them to show chaotic adrenaline energy rather than a clean silhouette.

One thing I would definitely do is level off the bottom of the bent leg with bottom of the word team and push KPS down so that it has the same amount of white space as it does now where team is throughout both parts, making sure to adjust the other foot so it is still level with the bottom of KPS. Right now (and in the original) the leg hangs a bit lower than the word Team and its a bit distracting that it doesn’t line up. It also looks more clear with the extra space you have between Team and KPS.

It’s a wonderful piece and you should be proud of it. Beautiful colors. Love the movement. It’s real art. Hope you did it in Vector so it’s easy to resize for printing purposes!!!

Great job.